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The Australian Football Library

Post by Cody Shorter / 20 March 2017 / 2 Comments

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If you’ve ever gone looking for a definitive list of Australian football books, you’ll know that it’s a difficult task.  The number of books covering Australian players, teams, coaches, leagues or just our footballing history are few and far between.  But they are out there, and we intend to find and read them all.

Cody and I have committed to getting our hands on any and all Australian football books and creating the complete library for Australian football fans, complete with descriptions, reviews, ratings, and where to find them.

This page will be a summary of the books we’ve already reviewed, ranked from best to worst in our unqualified opinions!  We’ll be adding to this page regularly, and would love to hear from you if you have requests, recommendations, and whether you agree or disagree with our assessments.


The Australian Football Library


8.0/10Changing the Game: Football in Australia Through My Eyes by Ange Postecoglou with Andy Harper

We’d recommend this book to every football supporter, but particularly to aspiring elite players and coaches.


7.0/10One Fantastic Goal: A complete history of football in Australia By Trevor Thompson

This is the sort of book that we think all Australia football fans will get something from. People particularly interested in our football history should give this book a go.


5.5/10Legacy By Tim Cahill

While it can and should be enjoyed by any footballing fan, we recommend you give this to young boys and girls who have aspirations to play football professionally.


Books on our to-read list

  • That Night By Adam Peacock
  • A History of Australian Football By Roy Hay & Bill Murray
  • Mr and Mrs Soccer By Andy Harper
  • The Hard Way By Robbie Slater with Matthew Hall
  • By The Balls By Les Murray
  • Frank Arok: My Beloved Socceroos By Robert Lusetich
  • The Socceroos: Voodoo To Destiny By Andy Harper
  • The Away Game By Matthew Hall
  • The Rale Rasic Story By Ray Gatt
  • Shellas, Wogs & Poofters By Johnny Warren with Andy Harper & Josh Whittington
  • Australia United By Tony Wilson
  • A-League By John Stensholt & Shaun Mooney
  • Games Goals Glory
  • Our Socceroos By Neil Wallace
  • Mark Schwarzer’s World Cup Destiny

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