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Australian Clubs and Their Socceroo Hall of Fame

Post by Cody Shorter / 12 April 2017 / 2 Comments

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*This list was last updated on October 6 2017.


Matthew Jurman became the latest players to be capped for the Socceroos in the recent World Cup Qualifiers, coming in at Socceroo number 591. That’s a lot of players who have donned the green and gold over the years.

The football landscape in Australian has certainly changed since the first ever official game for the Australian national team in 1922 against New Zealand. Decades ago only our most gifted players plied their trade overseas, whereas we now have roughly 180 professional footballers playing in foreign leagues.

However, the majority of these Australian players have spent time at Australian football clubs at some stage of their careers, whether it be as a young up and comer, or in their twilight years. So which Australian clubs have seen the most current, ex- or former Socceroos in their ranks? We’re glad you asked. We’ve done a bit of digging and have compiled a list of each Socceroo and which Australian Football Clubs they have played for at some point in their career (both at Junior and Senior levels).

As you may be aware, full functionality of this website is coming in September 2017. With full functionality you’ll be able to click on an individual club to see the list of Socceroos that have played for them. Until then, we’ve put together this blog post.

Before we have a look, a few points to note

  • There may (read: will) be some mistakes
  • There will probably be omissions
  • Teams that have merged or been taken over will all appear under the most current Team name. For example, Adelaide Beograd is now listed as White City FC.
  • Whether a player was a future, current or ex-Socceroo at the time of playing for a club, we’ve included them on the list. This is not a list of which clubs have developed Socceroos.
  • Only ‘Full International Matches’ count. Players who have played for Australia against club sides only will not feature on this list. For example, Peter Lewis has played six times for Australia, however all six games were against club teams (3 x Glasgow Rangers, 2 x Iraklis and 1 x Nottingham Forest) so he is not included as having one of the 588 Socceroos caps.

We are two guys, working from limited information. Believe it or not, the Internet hasn’t always been around. If you have knowledge that will add to the accuracy of this list, please get in touch.

So here we go. Counting down the Top 20 List of Australian football clubs who have had the most Socceroos play for them over the years.

Top 20 Clubs


Equal 19th

With 26 Socceroos = Wollongong Wolves (Formerly Wollongong City, Wollongong FC, Wollongong Community FC and South Coast Wolves)


Equal 19th

With 26 Socceroos = Adamstown Rosebud



With 28 Socceroos = Melbourne City (Formerly Melbourne Heart)



With 31 Socceroos = Melbourne Victory 


Equal 15th

With 32 Socceroos = Parramatta Eagles (Formerly Melita Eagles, Melita Soccer Club and Melita Eagles-Newtown)

Equal 15th

With 32 Socceroos = Blacktown City (Formerly Toongabbie Soccer Club)



With 33 Socceroos = Hakoah Sydney City East (Formerly Sydney Hakoah, Eastern Suburbs and Sydney City)



With 34 Socceroos = Heidelberg United (Formerly Alexander the Great and Fitzroy United Alexander)



With 35 Socceroos = Adelaide United



With 36 Socceroos = Newcastle Jets (Formerly Newcastle United)


With 37 Socceroos = Adelaide City (Formerly Juventus, Adelaide Juventus and Adelaide Force)


With 38 Socceroos = Melbourne Knights (Formerly SC Croatia, Essendon Croatia and Melbourne Croatia)



With 40 Socceroos = Sydney FC


Equal 6th

With 49 Socceroos = Perth Glory


Equal 6th

With 49 Socceroos = St George FC (Formerly Budapest Club, and St. George-Budapest Club)



With 55 Socceroos = South Melbourne (Formerly South Melbourne United, Yarra Park Aias, Hellenic, South Melbourne Lakers and South Melbourne Hellas)



With 61 Socceroos = Sydney United (Formerly Sydney Croatia, South Sydney Croatia and Sydney C.S.C)



With 71 Socceroos = APIA Leichhardt



With 74 Socceroos = Sydney Olympic (Formerly Pan-Hellenic)



With 76 Socceroos = Marconi Stallions (Formerly Club Marconi and Marconi-Fairfield)

Comment (2)

  1. A quick scan of the Marconi list and you might want to remove the names of George Nuttall & Rene Colusso as neither won full international honours. Therefore you’ll also need to remove George from the Olympic list as well.


    1. Thanks for the comment Greg. Both names are on the official list of players with a Socceroos cap. George Nuttall played against Scotland and Rene Colusso against China.