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Football has the ability to overcome all obstacles, be they geographic, ethnic, religious, economic or cultural. It connects us all, and we’re here to celebrate and share our love of the beautiful game.


Every day around Australia there are football players and teams competing for supremacy, to be the champion of their little slice of the Australian football pyramid. And at the top of that pyramid – at the top of The Pecking Order – is the title of the best team in Australian football.


We are here to bring you the stories of that struggle for supremacy in Australian football that you might not otherwise hear. To shed light on the defeats and successes of football clubs around the country, and to encourage you to get out and be a part of it.  And maybe even have a little impact on the shaping of the sport that we all love.


Nothing compares to the experience of being a witness to a once in a lifetime football moment, whether as a player or a spectator. And we’re here to tell you that those once in a lifetime moments, they’re happening every weekend at all manner of football grounds around Australia.


Strip away the politics, strip away the ego. Get out and enjoy the football.




Our names are Jake and Cody Shorter, and together we have created The Pecking Order to help share our love of football and what it means to us. We are season ticket holders of an A-League team, we have travelled around the world to watch the Socceroos play, we have played at various levels of the Australian football pyramid ourselves, we get out and watch grassroots football every weekend, and generally just love being in and around football and people who share our passion.


The Pecking Order is ultimately for ourselves. That is, everything that TPO is about, and everything that it does, is done because first and foremost it’s of interest to us and we believed was missing from Australian football.  Now that sounds very self-centered, but we believe football is all about the emotions it creates and the experiences it lets us share, and we wanted to share our passion with like-minded people.


Nothing we do is perfect, nor is it meant to be. We do this because we love it.


Dad, Jake and Cody at the Brazil 2014 World Cup

At the Brazil 2014 World Cup





The great thing about creating something firstly for yourself, is that if you find others who also like it, there’s a good chance that your passions will overlap. For that reason, we think we know you pretty well.


You love Australian football. You know the potential the game has in this country and you want to share your love of the game and to see it grow (and maybe contribute to this in some small way). You might be a supporter of an A-league team, you might prefer the local game, or you might be somewhere in the middle. You might be a player or you might be a spectator, coach, referee, or volunteer, but you are passionate about football and know that the real enjoyment comes from the experiences and moments you get to share with your fellow supporters.